We have been manufacturing and marketing construction steel for over 20 years. We started our steel-making journey with the vision of breaking barriers and setting the trend. Our factory is a fully integrated facility, with a state-of-the-art metallurgical laboratory and run by seasoned professionals. We are an ISO 9001-2008 company and certified by L&T Quality Assurance. We keep innovating with respect to technology, as we believe people deserve a world-class product. We believe in the power of business partnerships. Today we have the largest retail distribution network in the South across TN, Kerala, Karnataka & .

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Homes are built once in a lifetime; to be handed over to generations. A home is forever. Building a home is giving wings to dreams and we hope to partner in helping create a robust , durable home that is repair and maintenance free.

Take no chances with steel

Steel is most important in a structure and cannot be replaced after completion of construction. Steel is the backbone of your home. One cannot replace it like one does for tiling or a bathroom fitting. Given this irreplaceable nature of steel, we believe it is important to get the selection right. Remember with steel, there is no second chance.

Isteel is all about infusing life into a building. Be it a home, an apartment or even bridges, malls, offices, factories and flyovers, catering to the different needs of our varied customers.

Isteel offers a perfect choice in world class TMT construction grade bars for long lasting homes, made in Chennai and popular all across South India…. So that you get it first time right

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They've built their houses with isteel.

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isteel understands the importance of steel to you and offers a TMT construction bar that is like a 3 in 1: strong, with superior elongation and resistant to corrosion. Worldwide, TMT is the most widely used technology to impart these properties to construction grade bars.

The company has a strong heritage of professionalism that places the highest value on merit and integrity. Headquartered in Chennai , the enterprise is professionally managed and run by seasoned professionals . We have a strong sales team with presence in all three states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka and covering our entire dealer network points. Our sales team will be more than happy to help you and are just a call away.



At our isteel plant Billets are manufactured using state of the art machineries with advanced concasting systems. They are tested with advanced spectrometer at regular intervals to ensure the chemical combination is as per the desired grade of steel. Our Billets are ISI certified and are free from impurities and blow holes.


Furnace to Laddle

Liquid Metal to Concast System

Billet Casting



TMT is a superior technology in steel making, bringing to you international product quality. Construction bars that sell in the market need to conform to ISI specifications; our bars offer you properties that are far higher than the ISI specs: in other words, greater strength and superior elongation.

Our TMT technology ensures that corrosion is retarded. Traditional bars are twisted to increase strength, but this builds up stress and consequently rusting starts almost immediately. In case of TMT, no twisting is required since a special Thermo Mechanical Treatment used on the bar. Resulting in lesser corrosion and longer life.

So there you are, a 3 in 1 bar for homes that last forever … at an affordable price. It’s a lifetime investment and therefore the right choice is critical.

Re-Heating and Rolling


Factory Fresh

Everywhere in the world, freshness is the mantra that drives people, that keeps them coming back for more. From ice creams to fast food, from clothes to government policy, everyone wants to have the freshest things that life has to offer.

When everything around us is fresh, shouldn’t the homes we build also be founded on the freshest materials? That’s why Isteel now brings you factory fresh steel. Delivered to you soon after it is rolled, Isteel TMT construction bars are new, bright and attractive.

To learn more about the secret behind the factory fresh steel, and how it will add value to your building decision, read on.

Isteel Advantage

Isteel comes to me fresh from the factory. How?

At Isteel, manufacturing begins only when an order or demand is received from the market. Newly made stock is delivered to our dealers from the factory soon after it is rolled and in turn immediately supplied to you, assuring that every bar that gets sold is fresh.

How will fresh steel add value to my construction?

Steel that is not fresh always looks old and rusted. In contrast, being bright and new, Isteel bars are visually far more appealing, more corrosion-resistant and above all, stronger. What’s more, as steel is made only against order, surplus manufacture is kept to a minimum. Thus stocks are not piled up, and as a result, you can rest assured that you will not receive old stocks of steel.

What about damaged stocks, if any, during storage?

Isteel takes special steps to ensure that even the minimal stocks that remain with the factory or dealer are well protected. All Isteel is stored in specially constructed sheds that are designed to keep steel free from moist and rust and placed on platforms that ensure that the bars do not come in contact with the ground. Damage is thus controlled, giving you perfect steel, as far as possible.

Does such storage retard corrosion?

Yes. And that’s not all. The TMT process also retards corrosion, making Isteel fresher still.


Quality. Every moment in life hinges on it. From the food we buy to the schools we send our children to, we measure the meaning of our days by the quality of the lives we lead. Doesn’t this make it even important for us to be careful about the quality of homes we live in?

Our homes are only as strong and comfortable as the quality with which they are built. And that’s why isteel promises you the best quality steel, every time. To strengthen this commitment of quality we make to you, here’s another assurance from us: an ipromise.

What is ipromise?

ipromise is our guarantee to you that every bar of isteel will meet a certain standard of quality specifications, thus ensuring you steel that is perfect.

that trust us

Our innovative approach in steel marketing has earned us many reputed clients


  • Yield Stress - YS (N/mm2) (min)
  • Elongation in %
  • Ultimate Tensile Stress - UTS (N/mm2) (min)
  • Uniform Elongation in % (min)


  • 520
  • >18
  • 580
  • 5


  • Carbon in % (max)
  • Sulphur in % (max)
  • Phosphorous in % (max)
  • Corrosion Resistant Elements (min)


  • 0.25
  • 0.055
  • 0.055
  • 0.40

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